About the names Angelɑ, Anzhelɑ, Anjelɑ…

Now we shall discuss the names Angela [ɑngelɑ], Angelina [ɑngelɪnɑ], Anjela  [ɑndʒelɑ], Anjelina [ɑndʒelɪnɑ], Angel [eɪndʒ(ə)l] (Anglo-German variant), Anzhel [ɑnʒel], Anzhela [ɑnʒelɑ], Anzhelika [ɑnʒelɪkɑ] (French variant), Anjelo [ɑndʒelɒ], [ɑnxelɑ], Anxele  [ɑnxele], Anxel [ɑnxel] (Italian-Spanish variant).

According to the Armenian historiography the above mentioned names have Armenian origins, and they are related to the name of Angegh which is considered to be one of the Armenian ancient bird-like gods Read more of this post