Ancient Written Sources of European Nations About Their Ancestral Homeland- Armenia and Armenians

Armenia is one of the ancient countries of the world. Armenians /hay-armens/, the natives of the Armenian Highlands, are one of the ancient nations of South-Western Asia, and Armenian is one of the ancient languages in the world. According to studies in the Armenian Highlands and in surrounding territotories Armenian used to be a spoken language more than 9000 years ago.
New studies have come to testify thatthese surrounding territories were also the ancestral Homeland of Arian tribes, the ancestors of Indo-Europeans.From then on, these tribes started moving from their Homeland, the Armenian Highlands, and its surrounding territories, to countries where they live at present on territories between Europe and India.
The ancient maps of the world, also testify that Armenians /hay-armens/ are the ancient inhabitants ofSouth Western Asia, and that Armenia is one of the ancient countries of the world. The famous ancient image of the Universe and MotherEarth is a Sumerian map(middle of the 3rd millennium B.C.) on a clay-tablet (see p. 122), on which mountains (the Armenian Highlands), Mesopotamia and the riversTigris and Euphrates, originating from the Armenian Highlands, are indicated. Those territories, having been settled by hay-armens before the appearance of Semitic tribes (Akkadiansand later Babylonians and Assyrians), were known to the Sumerian people in the middle of the 3rd millennium B.C.


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