Mitani /Hurri — Mitani/: Ansient Armenian State


 In the 14th -15th centuries BC the chieftains (kings) and nobles of the Hurri-Armenian tribe of Mitani (Mittani,Mitanni) living in the south of the Armenian Highland between Lake Van and the Zagros mountains could consolidate a number of the Hurri-Armenian tribes small and middle state formations and establish the State of Mitani which was the first Armenian powerful state in the Armenian Highland. The kings of Mitani struggled successfully against the two powerful states of the ancient world Egypt and the Hittite kingdom and established a powerful state, the boundaries of which stretched from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and Cilicia to Ashur, Nineveh, Arrapkha (Kerkuk),the Zagros and in the north-east — to the Caucasian foothills. Read more of this post

Armenia: Cradle of Creation and Civilization

 Armenia is one of the oldest centers of civilization. The centuries‐old traces of material culture, myths and legends, geographical and personal names reveal that Armenians are the natives of the Armenian Highland; they are indigenious who lived there since the dawn of humanity.
Greek historians Herodotus (5th century B.C.), Xenophones (5 th century B.C.), Strabo (63 B.C.‐20) and some others speak extensively about the Armenians, their history and geography. The Greek historiography had also found its own version on the origin of Armenians. The version is about the Thraco‐Phrygian origin of Armenians which is based on some common features shared by both of them, common traditions, clothing, the used armours and also the myth of Armenos of Thesalia. Read more of this post